The Art of Interior Design with Live Plants: Make Your Home an Oasis

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Last Update: June 27, 2023
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The Art of Interior Design with Live Plants: Make Your Home an Oasis

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In the realm of interior design, the transformative power of live house plants cannot be overstated. These natural wonders have the ability to breathe life into any space, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere.

If you're a beginner in the world of plant care, fear not! In this blog, we will explore the role of plants in your home, and provide tips and tricks for incorporating them into your home décor. From selecting the perfect plants to exploring display and potting options, we'll help you create a home full of real plants that perfectly align with your design goals. 

The Role of Live Plants in Interior Design

Houseplants are not merely decorative elements; you can decorate with indoor plants to add depth, texture, and a sense of connection with nature. 

Plants have a natural ability to soften the overall look of every interior, adding an stunning focal point in a room, while balancing out the sharp lines and angles of furniture and décor. They create a sense of visual harmony, promoting a tranquil and calming ambiance. Plus, they offer just the right amount of intrigue—they can be free-form and organic pieces of art that can bring lush beauty to a lifeless interior that is too minimal, structured, or dull. Or, they can act as a way to add clean and sculptural 

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, you can use plants to improve the air quality in your home. They act as natural air purifiers, absorbing harmful pollutants and releasing fresh oxygen. This not only enhances the health and well-being of the occupants but also creates a cleaner and more invigorating living environment.

Furthermore, plants have the power to evoke emotions and create a connection with nature. Incorporating live plants into your interior style allows you to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside, fostering a sense of peace and serenity. Whether you choose to create a lush jungle or opt for a minimalist approach with a few well-placed plants, the presence of greenery will undoubtedly enhance the overall ambiance of your space.

Benefits of House Plants in Your Interior Design

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, incorporating indoor plants into your interior design brings a plethora of benefits. Firstly, plants improve indoor air quality by removing toxins and releasing oxygen. This not only promotes better respiratory health but also boosts overall well-being and productivity.

Live plants also have a positive impact on our mental health. Research shows that being surrounded by nature, even indoors, reduces stress levels and increases feelings of calmness and relaxation. In today's fast-paced world, creating a sanctuary at home with live plants can be a powerful way to find solace and rejuvenation.

Additionally, plants have been found to increase focus and concentration. Having greenery in your workspace or study area can enhance productivity and creativity. The presence of plants also helps to reduce background noise, making your home environment more peaceful and conducive to relaxation.

Finally, indoor gardening provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Nurturing and watching your plants thrive can be a rewarding experience, fostering a deeper connection with nature. As a beginner in plant care, Hoyas offer an ideal starting point due to their resilience and ease of maintenance. They are forgiving plants that can withstand occasional neglect and are well-suited for individuals who are just beginning their plant journey.

The Best House Plants for Interior Designers

 1.) Hoyas

When it comes to choosing plants for your home décor project, Hoyas are a fantastic option for beginners and design enthusiasts alike. Known for their low-maintenance nature and exquisite beauty, Hoyas offer a wide range of options to suit any design style.

First and foremost, let's talk about care. We refer to Hoyas as "the succulent of the tropical world." Their waxy leaves retain water, making them a rare low-maintenance plant in the tropical world. Unlike monstera or other aroid plants, beginner-friendly hoya varieties will not require high heat and humid conditions. Most will continue to thrive in low light environments, though some love the sun, and will even shift into vivid reds, pinks, and purples in bright light (a phenomenon called sunstressing). We offer care tips for listings, and offer several resources on how to care for hoyas on our blog.

When it comes to décor, these climbing and cascading plants are almost unrivaled for their foliage. Hoyas boast an impressive array of leaf shapes, colors, and textures, making them an ideal choice for adding a pop of color to your space. From glossy, heart-shaped leaves to variegated patterns and intricate textures, there's a Hoya to complement any design aesthetic. They also come in a variety of sizes, from small plants with delicate leaves, to large plants with giant leaves and thick stems. Whether you're aiming for a tropical oasis or a contemporary, minimalist look, there's a Hoya variety that will fit right in.

What truly sets Hoyas apart is their ability to produce stunning flowers. These plants exhibit an extraordinary variety of blooms, ranging from delicate clusters to intricate star-shaped formations. The flowers can be found in an assortment of captivating colors, including white, pink, red, and even purple. With their unique and visually striking blooms, Hoyas become living artwork, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

One of the most appealing features of Hoyas is their versatility in terms of styling. Whether you have limited space or want to make a bold statement, Hoyas can be hung in hanging baskets or trellised along walls, creating a vertical visual impact. As they grow and mature, they become even more stunning, draping gracefully or climbing upward, adding a dynamic element to your interior design.

2.) Aroids

Aroids encompass a diverse range of plants, each with its own unique charm and characteristics. From the striking foliage of Philodendrons to the captivating textures of Anthuriums, aroids offer an array of options for adding beauty and sophistication to your home.

One of the key reasons why aroids make excellent houseplants is their adaptability to various light conditions. Many aroids are well-suited for indoor environments with lower light levels, making them an ideal choice for those seeking green companions in spaces that receive indirect sunlight. Their ability to thrive in low-light conditions allows you to bring nature's touch to even the most shaded corners of your home.

Another advantage of aroids is their air-purifying properties. These plants have been scientifically proven to filter toxins and improve indoor air quality. With their ability to remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, aroids contribute to creating a healthier and more rejuvenating living space for you and your family.

Similar to Hoyas, aroids also come in a wide range of leaf shapes, colors, and textures. The rich greens, vibrant hues, and captivating variegation of aroids add depth, dimension, and visual interest to any room.

When it comes to caring for aroids, many species are relatively low-maintenance, making them perfect for beginners or those with a busy lifestyle. With proper watering, well-draining soil, and occasional fertilization, aroids will reward you with their stunning foliage and adaptability.

3.) Dischidia

These captivating plants, often referred to as "ant plants" due to their symbiotic relationship with ants, offer a unique and fascinating addition to any plant collection.

One of the standout features of Dischidia plants is their intricate foliage. These plants showcase an array of intriguing leaf shapes, textures, and patterns, ranging from small, heart-shaped leaves to elongated tendrils. Some Dischidia species have leaves with translucent windows or water-storing pouches, adding an element of surprise and intrigue to their overall appearance. The delicate beauty of Dischidia foliage makes them excellent candidates for adding interest and uniqueness to your home's design.

In addition to their visually appealing foliage, Dischidia plants also possess unique growth habits. Like Hoyas, many species of Dischidia are epiphytic, meaning they naturally grow on other plants or trees in their native habitats. This makes Dischidia plants excellent candidates for creating vertical green displays or hanging arrangements. Their ability to cascade or climb adds a dynamic element to your interior design, allowing you to create visually striking and space-saving compositions.

Caring for Dischidia plants is relatively straightforward, making them suitable for plant enthusiasts of all experience levels. These plants thrive in bright, indirect light and appreciate well-draining soil. Their watering needs are moderate, requiring regular but controlled moisture to prevent root rot. With proper care, Dischidia plants will reward you with their unique foliage and stunning growth patterns.

Designing with Indoor Plant Pots

The choice of plant pots can greatly influence the overall look and feel of your interior design. Planters and pots with different sculptural shapes and colors can impact the look of a room from bookshelves, counters, nightstands, or even hour home office desk.

Your main consideration with plant pots should be drainage, so that you don't over or under-water roots, which can lead to either root rot or dry leaves. We love setting up plants in cheaper pots that drain well, and then setting them in larger, decorative pots that can suit a wide variety of rooms.

Hoyas do well either in hanging pots (we love our small white pots for new hoyas or smaller, delicate plants), or by being trained up trellises and walls. we offer options and advice for both styling choices, so you can feel empowered to be creative with your designs.

Ceramic pots in muted tones or minimalist designs work well for a contemporary aesthetic, while vintage-inspired pots add a touch of nostalgia and charm. Don't be afraid to mix and match different pot sizes and shapes to create visual interest and dimension in any room.

Unleashing Creativity with Trellising Options

One of the standout features of our living houseplants is their versatility in terms of styling. Many of our plants can be trellised to create stunning visual displays and maximize vertical space. Consider installing a trellis in a pot or wall-mounted supports to encourage your plants to climb upward, creating a captivating green backdrop.

As your plants grow and mature, they will gracefully climb, adding a dynamic element to your interior design. Whether you prefer a modern and sleek trellis or a rustic and natural support system, the trellising options are endless, allowing you to express your unique style and design preferences.

Interior Decorating with Plants: Final Thoughts

Using plants in interior design is a surefire way to create a home that is both visually stunning and emotionally fulfilling. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced plant enthusiast, our plant shop offers varieties that can give you the perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. With diverse foliage, enchanting flowers, and versatile styling options, live plants are the ideal choice for transforming your living space into a green oasis that perfectly complements your design goals. Embrace the world of interior design with live plants and let nature weave its magic throughout your home.

Ready to bring the beauty of nature into your home? Visit our online plant shop, where you'll discover a curated selection of exceptional Hoyas, Aroids, and Dischidias that are perfect for both beginners and plant enthusiasts.

Our high-quality plants are sourced with care, ensuring their health and vitality. From vibrant foliage to captivating flowers, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your design goals. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your home's design with these easy-care plants that will thrive in any environment.

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