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I have never encountered an online plant company that takes as much care and pride as UPT puts into their plants! I have ordered from them a few times now, and each occasion the plants come looking perfect and healthy! Thank you for
such dedication and hard work! :)

Cleveland, OH

Beautiful Hoyas .
The Hoyas received is very beautiful worth every dollar spent. The Hoyas are very healthy, robust plants and are all 12 -24” Long and amazing. This is not the 1st time , unsolicited plants have always impressed me whenever I buy from them, compared to other online purchases that are lower in cost but do not impress with one node or a freshly grown hoya that will take your time in nurturing it and most likely will perish. I prize my plants from unsolicited plant need I say more.

Pauline M.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

This was first order from UPT and I am blown away how my selections came super healthy, clean looking and some bigger than I even expected. Packaging is 11/10. Will probably never go anywhere else for my Hoyas from now on! Thank You UPT!

Huong N.

I've been wanting this hoya for a long time. I was worried about cold weather, but they arranged for overnight shipping and the hoyas were perfectly packed. Everything came in perfect condition. Beautiful specimens too! This is the first place I'll go to buy hoyas, they have beautiful plants and the very best service.

Katya B.

Oh My Word!!!
If I could give this 10 🌟 I would. I thought I was buying a small starter plant but oh no she is huge. The Acuta is on a a stick that is not tall enough, actually UPT had tied it back some. She has splash on every leaf and I can’t say how happy I am. Also the winter packaging is beyond perfect and well worth the price, even though UPT packaging is great all seasons!



This is my first time ordering from UPT and all I can say is "Wow!" I was fully expecting a younger starter plant based on the photos on the site, but what I received was so much larger and more mature. She arrived very well packaged with not a single bit of damage, and after about 2 1/2 weeks re-potted she's doing very well. I cannot wait to see her continue to flourish!

Faith H.

Way exceeded expectationsI

never imagined I would receive more then a couple leaf barely rooted plant. Plant was larger and better rooted then other shops. You can see the love that was given, like it was one of your personal plants. New favorite place to feed my plant addiction lol.

Garrett H.
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We use coco chips as our main ingredient in our plant medium for thousands of Hoyas and other tropical plants. This is your chance to get a premium quality coco chips that is pre-washed and ready to go!



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We give unsolicited advice including tips and tricks on how to grow your hoyas at home.

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Welcome to the World of Unsolicited Plant Talks

Finding true serenity in a world full of deadlines, long working days, and sensory overload often requires some dedication. It takes a conscious intention to build a home that is your place to wind down and enjoy yourself.

Welcome to Unsolicited Plant Talks, where we help you create your own oasis with the most stunning, healthiest plants you can order online.

Our online plant store was founded out of a true passion for home greenery, and we’re proud to say we successfully share this passion with hundreds of our customers who, just like we do, nurture a deep appreciation for what nature has in store for us.

Hoyas and Aroids

In our indoor plant shop, you will find hundreds of different species of Hoya and Aroids, plants that are equally beautiful and rewarding to care for. 

We sell plants of the highest quality because it’s our mission and greatest pleasure to help you arrange a space where you can build connections with people and nature.

Unsolicited Plant Talks is an online indoor plant store that specializes in Hoya and Aroids available at varied levels of advancement. You will find plants here that are perfect for beginners as well as more experienced hobbyists interested in rare species. 

Learn more about us, our Californian roots, and our mission on our About Us page. See what magic we can create together. Shop in our Hoya nursery for breathtaking plants and useful plant accessories for your home.