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Unsolicited plant talks

Unsolicited Plant Talks was founded in Yucaipa, Ca by April Mall in 2019 with the driving principle of sharing her love for plants with the world through high quality houseplants. UPT focused on aroids when it was first founded but quickly transitioned to specializing in Hoya when we acquired our first Hoya 'Sunrise' and it was love at first sight.

Now carrying over 10,000 plants and hundreds of different species of Hoya and Aroids, UPT wants to continue sharing our passion for houseplants with all other hobbyists. We carry houseplants that are great for any level of green thumb ranging from beginner care plants to exotic and hard to find collectors plants. When ordering from UPT we promise that you will receive a plant of high quality that will leave you breathless.

Daryk and April Mall


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