Shipping Policies

(International Shipping Policy Down Below)


Shipping prices are subject to change and change in accordance with USPS and other courier prices. We do our best to keep shipping costs down for most of our product and even offer free shipping for certain items. That being said, shipping rates change frequently, so please be patient with us as and understand that shipping fees are mostly out of our hands.



Shipping days for UPT are Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. On occasion or for express packages, we will ship on off days but this is not common. These days are chosen to give your plants the best opportunity to ship quickly and safely to your home arriving with the least amount of predictable delays possible. A tracking number will be sent to you along with any shipping overage fees at the time of shipment. A typical stock update can take our packing team upwards of 5 days to complete. Please allow for up to 10 business days before your package is shipped out, although we do our best to ship out within 72hrs of placing an order, this is the longest amount of time we expect your order to be waiting to be shipped. If you have not received a tracking number and your package has not been sent out past 10 days of order, please reach out to us at

There is a good chance we have already tried to reach out to you with a shipping issue, typically missing shipping fees or weather issues. We promise to do our best to get your plant to you as quickly and safely as possible, but don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions!



We take great pride and quite a bit of time to carefully and safely package all of your orders here at UPT. Simply put, we guarantee that a beautiful, healthy plant will arrive to you in great condition of equal or greater size than the stock photo. Unfortunately, the one exception is heat damage and we will not cover any orders that arrive with this type of damage. It is the buyer's responsibility to receive their package at delivery to help mitigate any heat damage that can occur during shipment. If a plant arrives to you in poor condition and/or with most or some of the foliage damaged due to weather, packing, or shipping we will either replace the plant or issue a refund if not able to replace. If you have any concerns at all with your order, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to us! Your satisfaction with your order is important to us and we will do our best to make sure that you are happy with your order.



  • To be eligible for the UPT guarantee you must email us within 24 hours of delivery of package. Past this time, the plant is in your care and it is up to you to provide for the plant; although we can always give tips and advice regardless of if the plant came from us or if you have had the plant for months.

  • It should be noted that new/baby leaves are very susceptible to falling off due to unavoidable shipping stress and we typically will not cover these.

  • Small cosmetic damages and/or a small amount of leaf loss, typically with larger plants, do not always occur, but are to be expected during shipping and we may or may not cover them depending on how much of the plant is damaged.



If you wish to return item(s) for any reasons beyond our control, we reserve the right to charge 20% or more for restocking fees. You are responsible for the return label. If the plant arrives in good condition, we will refund 80% of the item price upon receipt. If the plant is damaged but salvageable, we will refund at most 50% of the item price. If the item arrives dead or damaged beyond rehabilitation, no refund will be given.

Right to Reject Orders or Cancel Sales

All purchases of units, whether initial or additional, are subject to acceptance by and shall only become effective upon confirmation by the Company, which reserves the right to reject any order in sole discretion. Unsolicited Plant Talks reserves the right to cancel the sale without notice and without cause provided.


At Unsolicited Plant Talks, we are committed to ensuring that your plants arrive in excellent condition. To this end, we do not ship plants when temperatures fall below a certain threshold, as cold weather can significantly harm these delicate items. In such cases, we will hold your order and dispatch it only when we identify a suitable window of warmer weather, even if this results in a delay of a few weeks. Our top priority is the health of your plants and your satisfaction with our service. However, if you prefer to receive your order as soon as possible, we can certainly accommodate this request. Please be aware that in such instances, the responsibility for any cold-related damage to the plants will be assumed by the customer. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us deliver your plants in the best possible condition.


    Did you know?

    Unsolicited Plant Talks ships to Canada!

    International Shipping Policy

    Greetings from UPT! We're delighted to serve plant enthusiasts worldwide with our exceptional offerings. To ensure a seamless experience for our international customers, we've tailored these shipping policies to accommodate the unique challenges of shipping plants across borders. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following guidelines.

    Guarantee for International Shipments

    At UPT, we're committed to delivering the joy of healthy plants to your doorstep, regardless of your location. However, due to the intricacies of international shipping, we must set distinct expectations for the condition of the plants upon arrival.

    We guarantee that your plant will arrive alive and ready for its new home. While we always strive for impeccable quality, we cannot guarantee the exact condition of the plant upon delivery. Factors such as temperature fluctuations and travel conditions that are beyond our control can impact the plant's appearance upon arrival.


    Our Commitment

    If, unfortunately, your plant arrives deceased or does not survive within the first week under your care, we are here to assist. We offer two options to address such situations:

    1. Partial Refund: We will provide up to 50% of the plant's purchase price as compensation. This option acknowledges the unpredictability of international shipping conditions.

    2. Plant Replacement: Depending on the circumstances and the availability of the plant, we may offer a replacement to ensure you receive a thriving addition to your collection. Additional fees for shipping and certificates may still apply. 


    Customer Care

    Your satisfaction is paramount to us. We encourage you to reach out to us within 24 hours of receiving your shipment if you have any concerns about the condition of your plant. Every situation is unique, and we assess each case on an individual basis to find the best resolution for you.

    Though the condition of the plant upon arrival might not always be ideal, we're dedicated to assisting you in creating a nurturing environment for your new green friend. We are more than happy to offer guidance and support to ensure your plant thrives in its new home.


    Claim Process

    For us to better assist you, we kindly request that you provide photographic evidence or other proof of any issues with your shipment. This documentation helps us understand the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.

    We understand that the international plant journey can be filled with excitement and anticipation. Our team at UPT is here to make this journey as smooth as possible, supporting you every step of the way.

    Thank you for choosing UPT for your plant needs. We look forward to being part of your plant-loving adventure!