Hoya verticillata (mini)

Hoya verticillata (mini)

Say hello to the tiny but mighty Hoya verticillata (mini) – small in size, big on charm! It's like the pocket-sized superhero of the plant world, with leaves that never outgrow 1.5 inches but blooms that think they’re in the major leagues. And the scent? Oh, it's like inheriting a great perfume recipe from its Hoya family.

Care Guide:

  • Light: Loves the spotlight but not directly. Bright, indirect light is its jam.
  • Water: Thirsty? Not so much. Let it dry out between drinks. It’s cool with a little drought.
  • Soil: Not picky, but it digs a well-draining setup. Coco husk/coir mix is its favorite cocktail.
  • Humidity: It’s chill with low humidity, but a bit more makes it happier.

This little green buddy is proof that great things come in small packages – and they smell amazing too!

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