Hoya verticillata ‘Wibergiae’ (Silver - UPT008)
Hoya verticillata ‘Wibergiae’ (Silver - UPT008)
Hoya verticillata ‘Wibergiae’ (Silver - UPT008)

Hoya verticillata ‘Wibergiae’ (Silver - UPT008)

Origin: Cultivated with care in UPT

Description: This unique Hoya cultivar boasts eye-catching silver leaves that stand out from the crowd. The journey to this plant’s uniqueness began when a rare silver vine was observed on the mother plant. Over time, the silver vine was meticulously propagated, leading to the birth of this spectacular variant.

Note on Stability: While its silver allure is undeniably captivating, it’s essential to understand that this Hoya verticillata isn’t completely stable in maintaining its silver hue. Occasionally, the plant may produce vines that aren’t as silvery, though such occurrences have been minimal with our mother plant. By cutting these infrequent vines, the plant tends to resume its silver growth. The success rate of this silver hue has been observed to be around 90%. We encourage you to consider this detail when deciding to add this beauty to your collection.

Care Tips:

Sunstress: Although this Hoya can sunstress, we advise against exposing it to direct sunlight to maintain its vibrant appearance.
Fertilizer: A well-balanced fertilizer can enhance the leaf’s color, emphasizing the silver sheen even more.
Watering: Ensure the soil dries between waterings to keep the plant healthy.
Humidity: While the Hoya verticillata is resilient in low humidity, it truly thrives in more humid conditions.

Purchasing Note: This plant is a testament to nature’s unpredictability and wonder. We hope you appreciate its unique beauty, understanding its rare silver charm, and occasional deviations. Happy planting!

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