Hoya kentiana

Hoya kentiana

Meet the Hoya kentiana, a true gem from the lush jungles of the Philippines. This tropical treasure thrives under the canopy of rainforests, basking in the warm and humid environment it calls home. Unlike its variegated counterparts, the Hoya kentiana boasts slender, dark green leaves, reminiscent of string beans, that drape elegantly from its stems. When it blooms, it presents a captivating display of rosy lilac flowers, uniquely bending backwards as if to embrace the night. And it's during these quiet hours that the Hoya kentiana reveals its secret weapon: a delightful butterscotch aroma, designed to attract the night's most elusive pollinators - bats and moths. This nocturnal blooming is not just a marvel of nature but a testament to the Hoya kentiana's adaptability and its pivotal role in the ecosystem. 

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