Hoya obscura (circulated as ‘Sunrise’)
Hoya obscura (circulated as ‘Sunrise’)

Hoya obscura (circulated as ‘Sunrise’)

Friendly Heads-Up: The vibrant, sun-kissed appearance of the plant in our stock photo is the result of being bathed in bright, loving light. If your new leafy friend arrives sporting a more mellow green hue, don't fret! It's simply showing its versatility. To coax out those radiant colors, just introduce it to a bright spot where it can bask in plenty of light. It’s all part of the plant’s journey, and with a little patience and care, you’ll see its true colors shine through. Remember, each plant is unique, and its beauty grows with time.

The Hoya species known as Hoya 'Sunrise' has been a familiar name among plant lovers for some time. However, it was brought to our attention that the description of Hoya 'Sunrise' might not be accurate. After some careful investigation, we found out that what we're dealing with is actually Hoya obscura!

Hoya obscura comes in various forms, each with slight differences in characteristics. To assist you, we've included a photo of the mother plant in our listing. If you're aiming to choose just one, this allows you to compare the mature plants and make the best decision.

Your insights and discoveries are what help our community grow. Feel free to reach out with more questions or thoughts. Together, we'll continue to nurture our passion for plants! Happy planting!

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