Hoya ‘Silver Dollar’ (MB 1405-AG)

Hoya ‘Silver Dollar’ (MB 1405-AG)

Susan Swartzfager unveiled this gem to us on Facebook back in April 2018, and it's been catching eyes ever since. Crafted from the perfect blend of Hoya MB001 and Hoya meliflua by the talented Mike Bernardo, it's a cultivar with a touch of elegance and a whole lot of charm.

Let's talk aesthetics: Susan gave us a glimpse into its beauty with her description of the flowers. They sport a delicate pink blush on their tips and a striking red-centered white heart. And a personal note for those seeking cultivation tips: in the right light, especially a brighter setting, the flowers and leaves take on a more vivid pink hue. It's a spectacle to witness.

Interestingly, Hoya 'Silver Dollar' has a sibling – the Hoya 'Penny's Treat' (MB1405-B). But don't expect a twin; they have their own unique looks.

A Gentle Reminder: The Hoya 'Silver Dollar' has a sensitive side. It wears its heart (and any scars) on its leaves. So it's best to handle with a tad bit of extra care, especially in its early days. If you're receiving this via mail and notice some minor cosmetic marks, don't be alarmed. It's part and parcel of its journey to its new home. By adding this cultivar to your collection, you're acknowledging its unique characteristics.

So, if you're looking to elevate your plant collection with something both beautiful and unique, Hoya 'Silver Dollar' might just be your next prized possession. Happy planting!

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