Hoya seed002

Hoya seed002

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Hoya Seed 002 is a distinctive and breathtaking plant that every plant enthusiast should consider adding to their collection. Its foliage is truly unparalleled, displaying large, wavy leaves that set it apart from other Hoya plants. These leaves exhibit a reddish hue when exposed to bright light, adding to their appeal, and their unique texture is pleasing to the touch.

Moreover, Hoya Seed 002 is known for its delightful blooms. It flowers relatively often, producing beautiful and fragrant blossoms that carry a vaguely spicy scent, intermingled with subtle hints of frankincense. These characteristics make it not only an attractive addition to any garden but also an aromatic one.

What makes Hoya Seed 002 even more appealing is its suitability for both novice and experienced gardeners. Its ease of growth and maintenance, combined with its visually captivating appearance, render it an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their collection with a plant that is both effortless to care for and striking to behold.

PLEASE NOTE - The plant you'll receive might not have the coloration as the stock photo. The environment plays a big role with the sunstressing of these plants and depending on the season, our plants might be greener than pictured.

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Care Needs

Bright diffused light

Recreate conditions under a tree canopy, where plants receive lots of light, but it is filtered through the foliage of the trees above. Your light should be bright enough to cast soft shadows.

Low Humidity: Ideally Above 40%

This Hoya tolerates a drier environment. However, it could still benefit from light humidity care, including misting and grouping together with other houseplants. May require humidifier in cooler, drier months.

Intermediate: Lowest 60F

This hoya does not require high heat, but does not tolerate cold as well as other varieties.

Does Sunstress

This plant has evolved to shift color when exposed to bright sunlight, much like a human getting a tan. This does not harm the plant with proper care.

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