Hoya 'Rosita'
Hoya 'Rosita'
Hoya 'Rosita'

Hoya 'Rosita'

Meet the stunning Hoya 'Rosita', a breathtaking cross between Hoya wayetii and Hoya sp. aff. burtoniae. This rare indoor plant is sure to catch your eye!

With a love for bright indirect sunlight, its leaves become even more vibrant with more exposure. But please use direct morning sunlight that can heighten the red and pink tones, as intense afternoon sunlight can scorch the leaves.

Hoya 'Rosita' is easy to care for, like most hoyas. Water it when the soil becomes dry, and fertilize this exquisite indoor plant when you notice new growth. You will be mesmerized by its yellow and red-hot flowers that sit on an umbrella-like formation (umbel), with each bud popping open almost in unison.


IMPORTANT! Please be aware that the vibrant hues seen in the stock images of Hoya ‘Rosita’ occur when the plant is "sun-stressed" or "sun-kissed." The exact coloration of the plant you receive may vary, as it's influenced by environmental conditions. It's common for the leaves to remain green, especially during winter or in low-light settings. However, with exposure to bright, direct sunlight for 12-14 hours daily, you can encourage your Hoya ‘Rosita’ to develop those stunning colors, mirroring the images.

Generally blooming after 4-5 years with proper care and environment, Hoya Rosita is an extraordinary plant that will make a perfect addition to your indoor garden. Please note that the coloration of the leaves vary. With bright light, the leaves turn to maroon color with bold edges. 

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