Hoya piestolepis
Hoya piestolepis
Hoya piestolepis

Hoya piestolepis

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The Hoya Piestolepis is a true gem hailing from Papua. Its leaves can be a vibrant green or even adopt a reddish hue. What really sets it apart are its unique, slightly raised fibers that give it a lush, textured appearance. Isn't nature incredible?

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Care Needs

Bright diffused light

Recreate conditions under a tree canopy, where plants receive lots of light, but it is filtered through the foliage of the trees above. Your light should be bright enough to cast soft shadows.

Low Humidity: Ideally Above 40%

This Hoya tolerates a drier environment. However, it could still benefit from light humidity care, including misting and grouping together with other houseplants. May require humidifier in cooler, drier months.

Loves Heat: Lowest 70F/21C

This hoya does not do well in cold conditions, so be sure to keep in a greenhouse or other temperature controlled space.

Does Not Sunstress

This plant will not change color under bright light.

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