Hoya nutans

Hoya nutans

Embrace the beauty of Hoya nutans, a unique epiphytic vine discovered in 2016 by L. Averyanov and T. Maisak in Vietnam’s Hoa Binh province. Originating from the steep limestone slopes of Vietnam’s lush forests, this plant thrives in well-draining, rocky soil, simulating its natural habitat.

To care for your Hoya nutans, provide bright, indirect light and a humid environment, reminiscent of its native, misty forest conditions. Water moderately, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings, and use a potting mix that ensures good air circulation to the roots. Witness its striking bloom in July, a reward for replicating its natural tropical climate.

Hoya nutans is not just a plant; it’s a living lesson in the diversity of Vietnam’s ecosystem, perfect for plant lovers seeking both beauty and botanical education.

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