Hoya microdwarf (NS12-323)

Hoya microdwarf (NS12-323)

The Hoya microdwarf (NS12-323), a marvel of selective breeding, showcases the beauty and diversity within the Hoya genus. Cultivated by nursery professionals, this compact variety originates from the lush tropics of Asia and Australia, reflecting the intricate collaboration between human ingenuity and nature.

Cultivation Insights: This plant's journey from nursery selection to household favorite highlights the expertise behind its creation. The "NS" in its name signifies its nursery-selected heritage, marking it as a product of careful selection for its desirable traits.

Why It Stands Out: Its petite size and exotic appeal make the Hoya microdwarf (NS12-323) a perfect addition to any indoor garden, bringing a piece of the tropics into your home with minimal space requirements.

This plant serves as a beautiful example of how human creativity meets natural diversity, offering a unique piece of the botanical world to enthusiasts and casual admirers alike.

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