Hoya lacunosa 'Amarillo'
Hoya lacunosa 'Amarillo'

Hoya lacunosa 'Amarillo'

Hoya lacunosa ‘Amarillo’ stands out with its striking yellow leaf markings. At first, it might appear unusual, but rest assured, it's a thriving, healthy plant, not affected by any viruses or bacteria. Many collectors celebrate its uniqueness.

In low light, Hoya lacunosa 'Amarillo' sports dark green leaves with subtle yellow accents. However, in bright, shaded spots, new growth shines in vibrant yellow, maturing to glossy green over time.

Care: Easygoing like its lacunosa counterpart – Bright, indirect light and allow soil to slightly dry between waterings.


Exclusive to Hoya lacunosa 'Amarillo', these unique characteristics won't transfer to other hoyas.

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