Hoya kerrii x Hoya meliflua (hybrid)

Hoya kerrii x Hoya meliflua (hybrid)

Discover the enchanting hybrid of Hoya kerrii and Hoya meliflua, a plant that combines the heart-shaped foliage of Hoya kerrii with the exquisite, fragrant blooms of Hoya meliflua. This hybrid offers a unique blend of charm and elegance, making it a standout addition to any Hoya collection.

Key Features: This hybrid showcases lush green leaves alongside star-shaped flowers, emitting a delicate fragrance that enhances its allure. It thrives under bright, indirect light, with minimal watering needs, making it suitable for enthusiasts of all levels.

Care Tips: Optimal growth is achieved in well-draining soil with occasional misting to mimic its natural humid environment. It’s a resilient plant that balances easy care with stunning visual appeal and fragrance.

Perfect for those looking to add a touch of romance and fragrance to their indoor garden, this Hoya hybrid brings together the best of both its parent plants in a single, easy-to-care-for package.

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