Hoya deykeae x Hoya ‘Chicken Farm’
Hoya deykeae x Hoya ‘Chicken Farm’

Hoya deykeae x Hoya ‘Chicken Farm’

Hoya deykeae x Hoya 'Chicken Farm' is an intermediate-level Hoya plant that can be quite finicky, reminiscent of its mother plant, Hoya deykeae. It is prone to blemishes caused by oedema or being exposed to excessive bright and hot environments, as well as prolonged periods of drought. However, don't be deceived by these challenges, as the extra care you invest in this plant will be handsomely rewarded. Its captivating veins and stunning leaf patterns make it an excellent conversation starter, adding a unique touch of beauty to any space.

This cultivar is prone to oedema if exposed to high temperatures and may incur dot-like blemishes on leaves during shipment if warm. We promise to select only perfect specimens for each order, however, any damages incurred during transit cannot be covered.

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