Hoya darwinii

Hoya darwinii

The Hoya darwinii, a captivating and unique houseplant, offers a rich tapestry of botanical history and interesting features. Discovered in 1909 by a botanist named A. Loher, this plant was named in honor of the renowned Charles Darwin during the centenary of his birth. Hailing from the Philippines, Hoya darwinii is endemic to this region, thriving at various elevations across several provinces. Its nickname, the Ant Hoya, is particularly intriguing. This moniker comes from its remarkable ability to form special leaves that curl into a ball, creating a haven for ants, similar to the Hoya undulata

CARE - Growing Hoya darwinii can be a bit of a challenge, but it's certainly rewarding for those who enjoy nurturing more demanding plants. While it's a bit trickier than some of its cousins like the Hoya undulata, with the right care, it'll flourish. This plant thrives in an environment that strikes a balance between high humidity and well-draining soil. It's key to avoid extremes in moisture; too dry, and it may suffer, too wet, and you risk root rot. When adjusting to new surroundings, whether it's post-shipping or just a change in its home space, Hoya darwinii might show a few signs of stress, like shedding leaves. Don't fret though – as long as its roots are healthy, it's likely to bounce back. Remember, it's a fan of the warmth, so keeping it cozy will help it thrive.





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