Hoya carnosa ‘Wilbur Graves’

Hoya carnosa ‘Wilbur Graves’

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Please note that the leaves vary in size and shape.



Here’s my honest answer - We grow both “Thai” and “Russian” clones here at UPT. Given the same environment, they grow exactly the same. Some people say the “Russian” clones have cuter and rounder leaves. We have plenty of “Thai” clones that grow those leaves as well and plenty of “Russian” ones that grow pointy and long, as well as round leaves. If I were to be snarky, I would say our WG’s are UPT variety haha. Obviously, that is not a real thing but our ‘Wilbur Graves’ are just one variety, ‘Wilbur Graves’ - same flowers, leaves, and growth rate overall (at this point, they are all mixed). 

I totally understand if you prefer one over the other. Unfortunately, I can’t pick and choose to sell which “variety” is which because I’d be lying to you and to myself. 

As far as the “chinese WG” goes, I can’t speak for it. I grow them in my collection but not cultivating for sale. 



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