Dischidia lancifolia

Dischidia lancifolia

Introducing Dischidia lancifolia, a captivating climbing subshrub from the lush landscapes of the Philippines. Thriving in wet tropical biomes, this plant adds a touch of exotic elegance to any collection with its adaptability and unique growth habit.

Habitat and Care:
Originating from the Philippines, Dischidia lancifolia flourishes under conditions that replicate its natural, humid environment. It prefers bright, indirect light and a well-draining medium, with waterings that mimic the natural ebb and flow of tropical rains.

A Note for Plant Lovers:
Every Dischidia lancifolia is distinct, showcasing the natural diversity of its origins. While we aim to match the images shown, variations in size, color, and shape are part of its charm. Providing the right care will let your Dischidia lancifolia grow into a stunning representation of its species, bringing a piece of the Philippine wilderness into your home.

Embrace the beauty of Dischidia lancifolia and let its tropical allure enrich your space.

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