Hoya thomsonii (white)
Hoya thomsonii (white)

Hoya thomsonii (white)

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Originally discovered by botanists in the lush rainforests of Eastern India, the Hoya thomsonii stands out for its captivating beauty and unique foliage. This gem is a testament to nature's wonders and is sure to be a standout addition to any plant collection.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Foliage: Boasts thick, waxy green leaves that can sometimes exhibit splashes of silver.
  • Exquisite Blooms: Produces clusters of star-shaped, deep pink flowers with a captivating fragrance.
  • Low Maintenance: Adapts well to indoor conditions and requires minimal care.
  • Air-Purifying: Known to improve indoor air quality by filtering out common pollutants.
  • Compact Growth: Suitable for small spaces, making it perfect for urban dwellers and apartment living.

Add the Hoya thomsonii to your collection today and let its charm envelop your living space. Remember, each plant is not just a purchase, but an experience filled with history, nature, and beauty.

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Care Needs


Recreate a dense forest environment. Very little, if any, direct sunlight should hit the plant at any time of the day.

High Humidity: Above 60%

Will benefit from high humidity care. Will likely require humidifiers, daily misting, grouping with other plants, and more.

Intermediate: Lowest 60F

This hoya does not require high heat, but does not tolerate cold as well as other varieties.

Does Not Sunstress

This plant will not change color under bright light.

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