Hoya 'Swiffer's Tail' (RHM-022)

Hoya 'Swiffer's Tail' (RHM-022)

Introducing Hoya ‘Swiffers Tail’ (RHM022), a beautiful cross of Hoya fungii x Hoya motoskii created by Ric Morier. While it may resemble a Hoya compacta at first glance, this stunning plant boasts much larger leaves with unique characteristics.

With its delicate blooms reminiscent of Hoya carnosa, featuring bundles of white to pale pink petals and a stunning corona of red, centered with a yellow star, this plant is sure to impress.

Hoya ‘Swiffers Tail’ (RHM022) thrives in bright, indirect light and prefers to be watered when the soil has dried out. With proper care, this plant will reward you with its beautiful blooms year after year.

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