Hoya (RHM030-11)
Hoya (RHM030-11)
Hoya (RHM030-11)
Hoya (RHM030-11)

Hoya (RHM030-11)

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Introducing the Hoya RHM030-11, a remarkable cultivar meticulously developed by renowned horticulturist Ric Moreira. This unique cross between Hoya lucardenasiana and Hoya sp. Pola is an elegant yet hardy addition to any indoor plant collection.

Key Features

  • Fast Growth: This cultivar is known for its rapid growth, making it a rewarding choice for plant enthusiasts.

  • Humidity Tolerance: Exceptionally adaptable, it flourishes in both low and high humidity environments.

  • Temperature Preference: Ideally suited for warm climates, yet remarkably resilient to fluctuations.

  • Unique Leaf Margins: In bright light or cooler temperatures, the leaves showcase a distinct dark margin, adding visual intrigue.

Care Guidelines

  • Humidity: Low to high
  • Temperature: Warm, above 60°F
  • Light: Bright, indirect light for optimal leaf margin coloration
  • Watering: Moderate, adjust according to season and humidity

Styling Tips

  • Hanging Display: Due to its draping leaves, this plant looks exceptionally stunning when hung from the ceiling.

  • Trellising Option: For added structural support and a different aesthetic, the plant can be trellised.

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Care Needs

Bright Light

No barrier between the plant and the light source. Ex: Directly under a grow light, in a sunny window with no curtains or trees.

Low Humidity: Ideally Above 40%

This Hoya tolerates a drier environment. However, it could still benefit from light humidity care, including misting and grouping together with other houseplants. May require humidifier in cooler, drier months.

Intermediate: Lowest 60F

This hoya does not require high heat, but does not tolerate cold as well as other varieties.

Does Sunstress

This plant has evolved to shift color when exposed to bright sunlight, much like a human getting a tan. This does not harm the plant with proper care.

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