Hoya (memoria x collina IR26, small leaves)

Hoya (memoria x collina IR26, small leaves)

There are two common varieties of the Hybrid Hoya (memoria x IR26). This listing is for the skinny leaves clone. While the other variety features larger leaves that can sunstress in bright light, this one showcases skinnier leaves with striking veiny ribs that are truly eye-catching. The unique texture and shape of the leaves make this variety stand out, and it can also develop beautiful splashes on the leaves, adding to its distinctive charm.

The splashes on the leaves can vary depending on the environment, making each plant unique. These splashes are particularly appealing to collectors and plant enthusiasts who appreciate the dynamic beauty of this variety. Whether you’re a seasoned Hoya grower or a newcomer to the genus, this skinny leaves clone of Hybrid Hoya (memoria x IR26) is sure to captivate you with its elegant and unusual appearance.

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