Hoya manipurensis
Hoya manipurensis
Hoya manipurensis
Hoya manipurensis

Hoya manipurensis

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Upon receiving your plant, you might observe that the leaves aren't perfectly triangular just yet. No need to fret! This is entirely normal, and as the plant grows and matures, it will gradually develop those adorable, sought-after triangle-shaped leaves you desire. To ensure its optimal leaf growth, provide the plant with bright, diffused light – the key to achieving those picture-perfect leaves!

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Care Needs

Bright diffused light

Recreate conditions under a tree canopy, where plants receive lots of light, but it is filtered through the foliage of the trees above. Your light should be bright enough to cast soft shadows.

High Humidity: Above 60%

Will benefit from high humidity care. Will likely require humidifiers, daily misting, grouping with other plants, and more.

Loves Heat: Lowest 70F/21C

This hoya does not do well in cold conditions, so be sure to keep in a greenhouse or other temperature controlled space.

Does Sunstress

This plant has evolved to shift color when exposed to bright sunlight, much like a human getting a tan. This does not harm the plant with proper care.

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