Hoya ‘Genieve’
Hoya ‘Genieve’

Hoya ‘Genieve’

Created by Mike Bernardo, Hoya 'Genieve' (MB1141) is a unique cross between Hoya MB001 and Hoya nicholsoniae. This special cultivar is named in honor of Susan Swartzfager's grandmother. While many mistakenly call it Hoya 'Genievieve', the correct name is Hoya 'Genieve'.

Key Features:

  • Unique Light Green Flowers: One of the few Hoyas that boast light green blooms, adding a rare touch to your plant collection.

  • Easy Care: This Hoya is beginner-friendly and thrives with minimal fuss. It's particularly stress-resistant when exposed to bright light.

  • Flowering Ease: Unlike some other Hoyas, Hoya 'Genieve' is easy to flower, making it a rewarding choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.

  • Resilient to Humidity: This plant is not sensitive to low humidity levels and thrives in warm environments.

  • Watch for Edema: While generally easy to care for, it is susceptible to edema marks on its leaves if watered inconsistently. Consistent watering is key to keeping this plant looking its best.

Elevate your indoor garden with the Hoya 'Genieve', a plant that combines beauty, resilience, and ease of care. Perfect for those looking to expand their Hoya collection with something truly unique.

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