Hoya ‘Edamame’

Hoya ‘Edamame’

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As far as we know, Hoya 'Edamame' is thought to have originated in China, but detailed information about its origins remains largely unknown. The care instructions provided here are based on the best practices derived from our limited knowledge and experimentation with different growing environments.

In a shaded setting, Hoya 'Edamame' mimics its natural, forest-like habitat, avoiding direct sunlight. High humidity levels, over 60%, are vital for its wellbeing, often necessitating humidifiers, regular misting, or placement alongside other plants to increase moisture in the air.

When it comes to temperature, this Hoya prefers intermediate conditions and does not fare well in cold. The lowest comfortable temperature is around 60°F. Unlike some Hoya varieties, 'Edamame' does not experience 'sunstress' or color change under bright light.

These guidelines represent the culmination of trial and error in cultivating Hoya 'Edamame', providing a foundation for success with this unique and lesser-known plant variety. 

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Care Needs


Recreate a dense forest environment. Very little, if any, direct sunlight should hit the plant at any time of the day.

High Humidity: Above 60%

Will benefit from high humidity care. Will likely require humidifiers, daily misting, grouping with other plants, and more.

Intermediate: Lowest 60F

This hoya does not require high heat, but does not tolerate cold as well as other varieties.

Does Not Sunstress

This plant will not change color under bright light.

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