Anthurium vittariifolium (seedling)

Anthurium vittariifolium (seedling)

Anthurium vittariifolium is a strap-leaf anthurium known for its large size. In the wild, this epiphyte can develop leaves up to 8 feet long, making it a striking addition to any plant collection. It requires filtered, bright sunlight and a well-draining soil mix that stays damp but not soggy.

Anthurium plants are different from Philodendron plants because Anthurium have flowers that have both male and female parts. When the flowers bloom, they look like a small pinkish flower surrounded by a leafy spike. Insects usually help to pollinate the flowers, which then produce berries with seeds inside.

If you want to take care of Anthurium vittariifolium, you should use a mixture of soil, peat, orchid bark, Perlite, and crushed volcanic rock. This plant likes to be in a humid environment, so it needs to be watered often. As a highly variable species, not every leaf of every specimen will look the same, but this only adds to the natural variation of the plant.

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