Trellised Hoya erythrina (splash)
Trellised Hoya erythrina (splash)

Trellised Hoya erythrina (splash)

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Named after the Greek word for "red," Hoya erythrina is a striking Hoya that produces beautiful red leaves under sunstress. Discovered and described by Dr. R.L. Rintz in 1978, this rare plant is found in the forests of Pahang and Selangor at altitudes between 400-700 meters, typically growing along rivers.

Hoya erythrina may start off slow, but once established, it grows rapidly and loves to twine and climb with long stems. Its deep green leaves are undulant and rigid with striking venation, featuring rich, dull maroon to pink undersides and distinctive pink markings on the surface. The foliage alone is worth growing this Hoya for!

The buttery yellow flowers of Hoya erythrina are formed in convex umbels with a pagoda-shaped center, giving off a warm undertone to the yellow petals. The petals have a unique squared-off shape, adding to the plant's distinctive appearance.

If you're a collector looking for an attractive and desirable plant, Hoya erythrina is the perfect addition to your collection. While it may require a bit of patience to get started, the end result is well worth the effort.

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Care Needs

Bright diffused light

Recreate conditions under a tree canopy, where plants receive lots of light, but it is filtered through the foliage of the trees above. Your light should be bright enough to cast soft shadows.

Low Humidity: Ideally Above 40%

This Hoya tolerates a drier environment. However, it could still benefit from light humidity care, including misting and grouping together with other houseplants. May require humidifier in cooler, drier months.

Cold Tolerant: Lowest 50F/10C

This hoya will tolerate cooler conditions than most.

Does Sunstress

This plant has evolved to shift color when exposed to bright sunlight, much like a human getting a tan. This does not harm the plant with proper care.

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